Recruitment Process

Recruitment and employment of young, highly qualified employees, which allows for an optimum choice of staff, is one of the major foundations of our Company’s policy.

Recruitment and employment of young, highly qualified employees, which allows an optimal selection of staff, is one of the major premises of our Company’s policy.
We create a number of new posts, often of key importance, within the changing organizational structure of our Company, thus offering development and promotion opportunities to our employees. At the same time, the dynamically changing conditions in which Polish companies operate on the European market necessitate the employment of young, qualified employees open to change.

The recruitment standards applied by WPPZ S.A. in accordance with the human capital model we have been implementing for several years involve the use of human potential already available in the Company and enable our employees’ personal development by shaping their career paths.
Should internal recruitment procedures prove insufficient to chose the right candidate, we recruit the candidates externally as well.

We recruit candidates on the labour market using various channels: we use our own database, we publish our job ads in the press and on the Internet, we cooperate with Employment Offices. The initial selection of candidates is based on the analysis of their documents: CVs and covering letters. The next stage involves job interviews with selected candidates. The number and type of job interviews depends on the job post applied for.


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