General characteristics:

Acetylated distarch adipate is a product of cross-linking of potato starch with adipic acid anhydride and its estrification with acetic acid anhydride. It has better functional properties than potato starch. LU - 1422 - 2 is used as astabilizer. It allows for maintaining the physical and chemical properties of the products to which it is added in small amounts, preventing or delaying spontaneous and adverse changes which occur in them. Aqueous solutions of LU - 1422 - 2 form a thick and transparent paste characterized by high resistance to the pasteurisation and sterilisation, high stability after cooling down and good resistance to changeable thermal conditions such as freezing or defrosting. The product achieves its full technological properties when heated up to a temperature above 900C.

Non-GMO declaration:the product is not derived from or produced using genetically modified organisms
Alergen statement:the product does not contain any allergenic ingredients
Form:loose powder without clumps or lumps
Aroma:typical with a delicate scent of vinegar
Properties:hot-water-soluble, non-resistant to sterilization and pasteurization processes, stable in acidic environment with a pH > 3.5

Product use: 

LU - 1422 - 2 is particularly recommended for the production of: fruit filling for confectionery goods, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, soup, bouillon, soup mixes, protein hydrolysates, frozen meals, canned vegetables and fish, frozen fish meals, flavoured and thermised yoghurts.


Multilayer vented paper bags (25kg) or flexible big-bag containers (800 or 1000kg). Unit packaging must be approved for food contact.

Storage conditions:

Dry, clean and well-ventilated facilities without foreign odours, protected against rodents.

Minimum shelf life:

When stored in recommended conditions and in original packaging, the product retains its properties for at least 24 months.


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