Personnel Policy

Effective human resources management and an efficient personnel strategy are an integral part of our Company?s policy.
Our HR policy is based on the assumption that people are the main source and a guarantee of the Company?s success and that the development of our employees is a prerequisite for the Company?s further expansion.

The HR model we have been implementing for years implies a constant need for the development, training and self-education of our employees.
We are aiming at creating a work ethos based on loyalty, commitment and long-lasting relations with our Company.
The long-term employee development process, constant gaining of new skills and expanding knowledge by our employees ensure the growth of our Company?s intellectual capital.

We are aiming at:
? creating a culture of positive interpersonal relations between the employees and developing internal communication systems facilitating fast information flow within the Company,
? recruiting and hiring young, highly-qualified employees, which allows optimal choice staffing,
? constant raising of our employees? and managerial staff?s qualifications through training programs and workshops, including general and specialist trainings and language courses, 
? associating the employer?s interest with that of employees, combining and integrating HR policy rules with the Company?s expansion plans, optimal use of the skills and abilities of all our employees through creating working conditions which facilitate development, innovativeness, and team work, creating the right system of incentives and rewards,
? shaping the Company?s personnel in a way which will enable us to adapt to the changing market and social conditions, and which will contribute to creating a favourable image of the Company in Poland and abroad.

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