Wielkopolskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Ziemniaczanego S.A. dates back to 1904.
The opening of the first small potato-processing plant marked the beginning of the Company?s history spanning over 100 years. Over the century of its existence, the Company has undergone numerous structural and ownership changes.

In 1992, WPPZ was transformed into a Joint Stock Company and took part in the Mass Privatization Programme. In 1995, the Company?s shares were brought into National Investment Funds. Since 2001, WPPZ S.A. has been owned by private shareholders.

Along with continuous structural transformations, numerous investments were implemented within the Company, new technologies were introduced, the production plants were modernized and extended, and the product portfolio was expanded. In 1988 ? 1991, a line for retrieving proteins from potato juice and a new starch facility were built in collaboration with a German company Westfalia-Separator, which allowed cost optimization and helped reduce the amount of sewage. The technologies used made it possible to manufacture top-quality starch.

In 2005, the Company opened a new Food Preparations Branch and a Starch Facility in the Production Plant in Staw. As a result of restructuring, all our production lines were transferred from Luboń to the Plant in Staw.

Currently, in order to continuously improve product quality, expand the product portfolio, and protect the environment, we are modernizing our production lines and streamlining the production process.
WPPZ S.A. currently employs about 150 employees. The Company?s registered office and the seat of the Management Board are located in Luboń. The Production, Sales and Quality Control Departments have been transferred to the Production Plant in Staw.

Our Company has a long-standing tradition and a history of over 100 years. While meeting the challenges of the contemporary market, we cooperate and collaborate with other Polish starch industry plants.

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