When implementing the Company?s strategy and Quality Policy, we are constantly developing, improving and modernizing our production lines in the Production Plant in Staw.
Recent years have been a period of increased investment for WPPZ S.A.

In 2005, the construction of a brand new Food Preparations Branch was completed and it soon became operational. As a result of the Company's restructuring, all our production lines were transferred from Luboń to the new facility in Staw.

The following activities have been undertaken since 2006:
- a new microbiological laboratory was created,
- a new potato starch transit store was built,
- the packaging warehouse was modernized,
- the chemicals warehouse was modernized,
- a new decanter was purchased for the protein recovery station,
- our laboratories were equipped with new control and measuring equipment,
- new sifters were purchased for the starch bagging and starch derivatives stations,
- an additional separator for removing ferromagnetic impurities was purchased,
- a new water conditioning station was purchased,
- the potato acceptance and quality assessment station was modernized,
- a new automatic potato starch bagging and palletizing line was purchased,
- the potato starch and starch preparations dehydration station was modernized,
- new conveyor belts transporting the dehydrated product to the drying facility were purchased.

The following facilities have been built in 2015:
- a new office building,
- new machine and electric shops,
- a new potato starch granulation station.

In 2017 - 2020 WPPZ S.A. has finished the following facilities:
- the new office,
- three new warehouses for the final products.


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