General characteristics:

LU - 1404 - 2 is a product of oxidation of potato starch with sodium hypochlorite. It has better functional properties than potato starch. When boiled, aqueous solutions of LU - 1404 - 2 form transparent colloidal solutions with low viscosity which, once cooled, remain liquid or turn into relatively strong gels. Regardless of their concentration, pastes and gels based on LU - 1404 - 2 are not prone to retrogradation or syneresis. Owing to its low viscosity, the maximum concentration allowed for cooking is 15%.


Non-GMO declaration:the product is not derived from or produced using genetically modified organisms

Alergen statement:the product does not contain any allergenic ingredients

Colour:white to light cream

Form:loose powder without clumps or lumps

Aroma:typical of oxidised starch

Properties:hot-water-soluble, unstable in acidic environment with a pH < 4

Product use: 

It is particularly recommended for the manufacture of jellies and soft gummies. It can be used as a substitute for gelatin. In lower concentration, LU - 1404 - 2 can be used for the manufacture of: salad sauces, vegetable sauces, sauces for canned meet or vegetables, soups, dressings, mayonnaise, fruit filling for confectionery goods, flavoured and thermised yoghurts, thermally-processed flavoured milk drinks, etc.


Multilayer vented paper bags (25kg) or flexible big-bag containers (800 or 1000kg). Unit packaging must be approved for food contact.

Storage conditions:

Dry, clean and well-ventilated facilities without foreign odours, protected against rodents.

Minimum shelf life:

When stored in recommended conditions and in original packaging, the product retains its properties for at least 24 months.


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