Company Strategy

Manufacture and supply of high quality products consistent with the European and global standards, fulfilling the expectations of the most demanding Clients, while protecting the environment.

Expansion of the Company, maintaining its position as the leading potato starch producer in Poland, systematically increasing our share in the domestic starch market.

Continual strengthening of our brand, launching new products and maintaining a service level adjusted to market requirements.
Increasing our output capacity through the consolidation of the most important plants in the Polish potato sector, increasing production effectiveness and performance through improving and modernizing production lines, and introducing new logistics solutions to our Production Plant in Staw.

Effective human resources management, improving the qualifications of our employees and managerial staff through regular training programmes and workshops; recruitment of young, highly-qualified staff, maintaining and expanding cooperation with specialist from many sectors, both food-related and other.

Expanding cooperation with our Clients and Suppliers, caring for a good working atmosphere among the employees, and maintaining a good relationship with the local communities.

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