E 1420 Acetylated Starch

General characteristics:

E 1420 acetylated starch is a product of esterification of potato starch with acetic acid anhydride. It has better functional properties than potato starch. When used as a stabilizer, it helps to maintain the physical and chemical properties of the products to which it is added in small amounts, preventing or delaying spontaneous and adverse changes occurring in them. Aqueous solutions of acetylated starch are characterized by low gelatinisation temperature, while the pastes obtained with the use of the product are transparent and stable after cooling down. However, they are not resistant to high temperatures (not to be used for sterilized products), acidic environment and shear forces (vigorous stirring).


Stabilizer, thickener.

Product use:

It is particularly recommended for the production of: instant noodles, frozen fruit pies, filling for confectionery goods, baking and confectionery goods, protective coating for dried vegetables, sauces, soups, powdered concentrates, flavoured and thermised yoghurts, and thermised cottage cheese.


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