General characteristics:

LU - 1420 is a product of esterification of potato starch with acetic acid anhydride. Aqueous solutions of LU - 1420 form transparent pastes with a long structure, characterized by low gelatinisation temperature and high stability after cooling down.

Non-GMO declaration:the product is not derived from or produced using genetically modified organisms
Alergen statement:the product does not contain any allergenic ingredients
Form:loose powder without clumps or lumps
Aroma:typical with a delicate scent of vinegar
Properties:hot-water-soluble, unstable in acidic environment with a pH < 5

Product use: 

It is particularly recommended for the production of: instant noodles, frozen fruit pies, filling for confectionery goods, baking and confectionery goods, protective coating for dried vegetables, sauces, soups, powdered concentrates, flavoured and thermised yoghurts, and thermised cottage cheese.


Multilayer vented paper bags (25kg) or flexible big-bag containers (800 or 1000kg). Unit packaging must be approved for food contact.

Storage conditions:

Dry, clean and well-ventilated facilities without foreign odours, protected against rodents.

Minimum shelf life:

When stored in recommended conditions and in original packaging, the product retains its properties for at least 12 months.


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