E 1404 Oxidised Starch

General characteristics:

E 1404 oxidised starch is a product of oxidation of potato starch with sodium hypochlorite. It forms transparent, relatively fast-gelling pastes which set to soft gels. It has similar properties to gelatine and it is used for the production of solid products of low viscosity. It is not prone to retrogradation and syneresis. The viscosity of its solutions is lower than the viscosity of native-starch pastes.


Stabilizer, thickener, binding and gelling agent.

Product use:

It is recommended for salad and vegetable sauces, sauces for canned meat and vegetables, dressings, mayonnaise, soups, sweet or salty puddings served as the main course or dessert, fruit filling for confectionery products, jellies and soft gummies. It is used for the production of flavoured and thermised yoghurts, thermally-processed flavoured milk drinks, low-fat cream, etc.


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