E 1412 Distarch Phosphate

General characteristics:

E 1412 distarch phosphate is a product of esterification of potato starch with sodium trimetaphosphate. It has better functional properties than potato starch. When used as a stabilizer, it helps to maintain the physical and chemical properties of the products to which it is added in small amounts, preventing or delaying spontaneous and adverse changes occurring in them. In aqueous solutions, it forms thick pastes with a very short structure. Owing to its high viscosity, it has significant texture-forming properties, which improve such product qualities as: hardness, solidity, flexibility, and ease of chewing.


Stabilizer, thickener, binding agent.

Product use:

It is particularly recommended for: salad sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, soups, frozen food, fruit filling for confectionery goods, baby food, yoghurts, meat products ? cured meat, finely-ground cured meat, pâtés, sauces for canned meat and vegetables, and all the aforesaid products with reduced calories (as a substitute for fat).


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